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Hope and Motivation are not enough

At the beginning of this crisis, I saw a lot of people encouraging others and expanding a wave of positivity around them. The media were filled with images of people singing, praying, virtually gathering to make things together, balcony flash mobs, and so on. On the same wave, I have to say that, to your scandal, I was happy about what people were passing through. Don’t get me wrong. I was and I am aware of the danger, of the pain, of the risk. And I have the maximum respect for the heroes and the victims of the Covid19 Pandemia. But I was trying to see what the outcome would have been beyond their sacrifice. In my view, there is an opportunity given to everyone: the possibility to change with less effort than any other time in history. Yes, I mean it. We are facing now the opportunity to have the least resistance to changes if we want something to be different in our lives and the world.

What do we want to be changed when things are back to “normal”?

Said that I do not think that the previous normal will be normal anymore, we will find at the end of this story that the many of us wish that things shall go back to a previous standard. But not everything. We all want our world back but a little bit better than it used to be.

How to get that?

For sure saying it, wishing for it is not enough. All the encouraging voices we heard at the beginning of the Covid19 crisis, are now declining, everybody is a little more silent, and wishes contained. We feel less compelled to promote optimism, and motivation is sometimes missing in our daily tasks. Why? Well, it is quite simple. Hope and motivation are a temporary feeling, not a status in which we can stay for long. To persist, they must be built on something more permanent and stable.

We need a plan.

If we do not have a plan, we cannot imagine where we are going. We cannot figure out what we are going to do, and how we will react to conditions. We do not have a picture. Hence we cannot hope for anything definite. As an indefinite wish is not compelling, we are not motivated enough if we do not know what is the goal we want to pursue. Hope and motivation for themselves have a short life if they are not sustained by a plan. When we have a plan we can take action and work to ground our efforts. Put this in your vision, make your plan and then we can talk about the future, with no fear whatsoever for Covid19 or anything else.


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