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The Toolkit that understands and fulfills your business project

Origami presents the INNOVATION SPRINT Toolkit bundle tailored for start-ups. This package is designed specifically for those possessing inventive concepts that they wish to actualize and establish with definite outcomes. 

At the core of this endeavor lie ideas, resources, and organizational prowess – the fundamental components imperative for launching your project. Origami is committed to aiding you in identifying any potential gaps and in amassing all the essential resources essential to embark on and materialize your business venture.

The resultant strategy for advancement will serve as a compass, directing the utilization of ideas, resources, and initiatives essential for attaining your goals. Collaboratively, we will formulate a comprehensive Business Plan, scrutinizing the entire landscape within which your concept will take form. This will enable you to anticipate potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Conquer definite results starting from your ideas

The INNOVATION SPRINT addresses and solves some specific issues:

  • Entrepreneurial inexperience
  • Difficulties in the industrialization of the idea
  • Lack of funds to start the project

Benefits for you

What are the benefits of our Toolkit bundle for you?

Definition of the working method
Definition of procedural priorities
Logical systematic development of ideas
Identification and resolution of weaknesses in the project
Identification of the necessary resources

INNOVATION SPRINT Price starting from

£ 2.850
  • The price of the service depends on the type of company involved, contact us to learn more about your project.

What does the Toolkit include?

How do we implement the INNOVATION SPRINT for you and your company?

  • Confidential Innovation Memo (CIM) provisioning
  • Development of a Business Plan for start-ups 
  • Identification of the team needed to start the business
  • Operational Strategy setting
  • Sales strategy definition
  • Definition of the network to support the project
  • Assistance for the creation of the pitch and contacts with potential lenders or investors

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