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A global market is what we all are immersed into. Unless it is global, there are so many diversities in business aspects all over the world. What you do in your country can be, and most certainly will be, different from many others, even those confining with yours. To make the internationalization step easier, it is good to have a drive, a skipper who knows the best course to reach other ports.

When a company decides to go beyond its national borders, it is important that it does it in the right way. Each country has its own approach to living, selling and communicating. Hence, an in-depth analysis of the market towards which you want to address becomes essential for success. In addition, the experience acquired over the years by Origami Engineering allows us to evaluate together with its customers what the company can make available to the new market, how to enter it and which parameters to monitor to achieve the goal.

Our team supports its customers through a real “training program” on the new market to be acquired, since the choices that push a company to turn to new markets can be many. For example, a company may decide to expand its market to have fewer competitors, or because the market is saturated within national borders, or simply responding to a request from abroad. Every choice towards internationalization requires an ad hoc approach for the company and Origami is there.

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