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The Toolkit that improves the company organization

Origami provides support to businesses aiming to carry out efficiency enhancement initiatives, whether they belong to the manufacturing or service sector. Our process begins by dissecting the operational workflows and various processes that constitute them. This involves a comprehensive assessment of any existing inefficiencies, such as overloads, bottlenecks, information loss, and communication gaps. Subsequently, we devise a tailored plan for optimization, aimed at attaining the targeted performance benchmarks.

Implementing a robust performance enhancement system can confer a distinct competitive edge to your organization.

The initial stage involves creating a Performance Strategic Plan aligning with the company’s strategic goals and striving for the most effective resource utilization.

Improving performance while increasing efficiency

The PERFORMANCE SPRINT addresses a number of specific issues:

  • Difficulty in improving performance
  • Risk of organisation collapse by excessive workload
  • Unmotivated and stressed operative resources
  • Plummeting work quality

Benefits for you

What are the benefits of our Toolkit for you?

Efficiency and effectiveness improvement
Soaring productivity
Cost lowering
Flows coherence throughout the whole organization
Optimal use of resources

Price starting from

£ 2.400
  • The final price depends on the company's conditions and type. Contact us to learn more.

What does the Toolkit include?

How do we valuably implement the PERFORMANCE SPRINT for your company?

  • Analysis of the business processes and relevant flows
  • Evaluation of inefficiencies of any nature (overloads, bottlenecks, loss of information, lack of communication)
  • Definition of performance monitoring parameters
  • Construction of the improvement plan up to the desired performance ratios
  • Performance Strategic Plan

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