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Origami exemplifies the elegance of complex patterns originating from basic elements. The genuine success resides in masterfully guiding the process of creasing, folding, and unfolding to attain the intended shape. This reflects our strategy in maximizing a company's capabilities—shaping their frameworks and harnessing their core nature to steer them toward enhanced business prospects.

Origami embodies the concept of simplicity seamlessly paired with the potential for significant achievements. When your idea, product, or company is poised for a strategic launch and robust growth, Origami is your solution. Business Development is not just a service we offer; it’s the heartbeat of all our endeavors.

Our consulting service collaborates with global partners to strategically nurture businesses, crafting organizational and institutional strategies, fostering foreign direct investment, and championing trade development initiatives. Business Development is our core business.

Origami Engineering boasts extensive experience, evolving over time into a set of values that shape our conduct as a company and guide the actions of our partners, executives, and consulting associates.

Fundamentally, Origami Engineering thrives on a core value: respect for opponents, competitors, teammates, and officials.

Through the passage of time, Origami Engineering remains a company where work is a source of enjoyment. Consequently, our core values are both resolute and inclusive in all our activities, as evidenced in our Code of Ethics.

Group Leadership

Raffaella Grassi

With years of direct involvement in Business Development across leading industrial firms in advanced technology sectors, I offer a deep well of knowledge in leadership and strategic planning at Origami Group.

Recognized for my ambitious and focused leadership style, I am deeply committed to helping businesses break through their barriers and achieve significant growth. My broad international background is marked by consistent achievements in a wide array of industrial services, projects, and initiatives. Throughout my career, I have led numerous transformative projects, making impactful contributions to the expansion and profitability of various organizations.

I encourage you to explore what Origami has to offer and leverage the extensive experience gained over these years. I take pride in aligning with the expertise of our partners, collaborators, and team members, ensuring a clear pathway to success for your projects.

Code of Ethics

Everyone involved in Origami Engineering activities, or cooperating with it, whether as a partner, executive, freelance, or administrator, is expected to uphold the core values of our Company.






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