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About US

Origami is a complex structure coming out from very simple and basic elements. The real success is in mastering the art of bending, folding, and unfolding them to get the final shape. That is what we are actually doing with companies' potential, their structures, and their natural essence toward increasing business opportunities.

Origami contains the idea of simplicity joined to the possibility of big outcomes. When your idea, your product, or your company, needs to launch and grow wisely, to expand vastly, and to be steadily organized, you need Origami. Business Development is our core business and is the essence of all our work.

Our consultancy service works in partnership with agents worldwide to wisely grow businesses through the formulation of organizational and institutional strategy, foreign direct investment, and trade development initiatives.

Origami Engineering is a Company of long experience, which has been developed over time into a number of values that guide the way the Company is conducted and how partners, executives, and consulting partners conduct themselves.

At its core, Origami Engineering is a Company with a fundamental value of respect for opponents, competitors, teammates, and officials.

Origami Engineering remains in time a Company where work is made for enjoyment. Because of this, the core values that we aspire to are both firm and inclusive of all our activities. You will find these values embedded in our Code of Conduct.

Company Leadership

Raffaella Grassi

I have acquired experience during several decades of Business Development practice at big industrial corporations working in high technology fields; an experience that I bring to leadership and strategy at Origami Engineering.
They say I am an ambitious and focused leader. I certainly am ambitious and focused when it comes to helping companies go beyond their limit and grow. I have extensive international experience, proven by lasting results within a broad range of industrial solutions, projects, and ventures. During my professional course, I developed, planned, and executed many successful change projects, to all of which I dare say I contributed significantly to the growth and profitability of several companies. I wish you will allow Origami to bring to you all these decades of experience, I gladly cue to all the experience of our partners, collaborators, and team.

Code of Ethics

Everyone involved in Origami Engineering activities, or cooperating with it, whether as a partner, executive, freelance, or administrator, is expected to uphold the core values of our Company.






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