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The cornerstone of our approach is the meticulous identification and analysis of potential growth opportunities, complemented by strategic support proposals and diligent progress monitoring.

Our Business Development strategies integrate seamlessly across all business facets, including R&D, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and sales. This comprehensive involvement ensures that the company develops the self-sustaining capability to continue its successful growth trajectory.

At Origami, our professionals stand as the paragon of ethical business development solutions. With a rich tapestry of skills and experiences spanning sales, finance, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, legal affairs, strategic management, collaborative processes, and team leadership, we always prioritize the human element in every aspect of our processes.

Identifying the results and goals we want to get is the first step to undergo the Origami process.
The whole company organization of the business is placed under review, to be assessed and to verify the focus is needed to get the expected results.
The process includes establishing a strategy to get goals and performance expectations as well as the eventual need for training.
Every strategy requires a complex series of actions and different tactics according the results you want to get.
While the activities are made, Origami continued monitoring allows to keep on track towards the expected results.
When necessary to successfully achieve the right skills we coach during actions, or follow up after a training period.
Through the action process there are check points when eventually needed adjustments are carefully administered.
As equally important as the setup, results are hereby verified and a final report is made to confirm them.

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