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We believe to begin or grow a business you need to master processes and costs. This does not happen in a spreadsheet, it happens on the frontline. You need practical and professional support.


It often happens that a company needs to transfer a lot of information to the right people and in a short time.

The success of this transfer depends on the organizational structure of the company itself.

The first step to building a solid and efficient structure is to define the goal you want to achieve and plan the necessary actions in medium and long-term intervals, this allows you to create a way of working that knows how to deal with the demands of the Third Millennium.

Origami Engineering develops the best form of business obtainable for each company, proposing at least three strategic plans from which the company can choose. A document is issued to the company with all the steps required, from the business plan to the strategic plan, and this allows the company to have an overview of all that is necessary to achieve the set goal. Once the strategic plan has been chosen, a tactical plan is structured, consisting of all the necessary micro-actions that can be implemented without interfering with the progress of company activities.

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