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THOR POWER voted strategist RAFFAELLA GRASSI as Board Member

Raffaella Grassi, renowned European business development executive in engineering, has been named to the board of Thor Power Corporation in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Grassi has achieved significant breakthroughs business development and advanced engineering for energy, aerospace, material science, and industrial markets through her firm Origami Engineering.

The London-based Ms. Grassi is focused on finance and strategy. Raffaella Grassi has acquired experience during several decades of business development at major global industrial corporations working in high technology fields.

Grassi becomes the fourth member of the board at Thor Power.

Grassi noted, “Thor Power comes from David Bonner’s vision, which is a perfect match to the business model I practice every day. I want to thank David since I’m going to be a permanent part of developments where I will work to bring in financial steadiness and long-range strategies for the innovation-driven spirit of Thor Power.”

David Bonner, Chairman and CEO of Thor Power, added, “We are fortunate to have the benefit of Raffaella’s extensive international experience, with proven, lasting results in a broad range of industrial solutions, projects, and ventures. She will have a significant impact on our development at this critical juncture.”

Thor Power Corporation is a high-technology company specializing in the design, development, and marketing of exceptionally efficient electric power systems – patented high frequency electronics and permanent magnet motors/alternators, perfectly matched to application – up to 50 kilowatts.

Thor Power develops cutting-edge energy-saving technology under the name TREZIUM® – the technology benefits of which are twice the power, half the weight and up to half the electricity loss of traditional electric motors, together with its GRISMIR® permanent magnet power device.

This company is about to revolutionize the electronic power systems industry.

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