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ORIGAMI ENGINEERING Announces the Appointment of New Senior Partner

Origami Engineering is pleased and proud to announce the appointment of the new partner, Dr. Laura Grassi.

Laura Grassi is a proofed professional in the pharmaceutical field, with extensive experience in different specialized therapeutic areas on the hospital channel: Rare Diseases, Dermatology, Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology, and Oncology. Her experience has been focused in recent years on business development activities and access in the complex panorama of the Italian health system. Her main skills: Market Access, the first interface for Opinion Leader, Marketing Project Management with the specific support of other corporate functions (cross functionality), pre-launch and launch of products with a high scientific value and high cost.

Laura tends to perform every task assigned to her with a focus on profitability. Main personal characteristics are the ethics and resilience. The Founder Senior Partner R. Grassi says “Laura will be part of developments with specific targets in the pharmaceutical and Health Care fields, bringing to them a definite added value.” Dr. Laura Grassi is now operating as Senior Consulting Partner for Pharmaceutical and Health Care field, effective July 2016. She will be part of developments with these specific targets in the segment.

Press contact: Raffaella Grassi (press@origamiengineering.net)

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