Origami Engineering

Dr Matteo Turi

Financial Manager, NED

As a successful Finance Director and Non-Executive Director, Matteo helps SME and business owners to manage their entire finance.

In today’s economy, SME and larger companies need to ensure all of their financial activities are fully protected and managed by a skilled professional. On that basis, Matteo Turi has worked in the financial sector as a finance director, board director, and nonexecutive director helping a variety of SME and multi-sector global clients with their financial management.

Matteo helps clients and SME to build on their investments by building top quality operations, formulating critical processes and strengthening internal controls. This improves sustainability, bottom line return and decreases the risk to the company.

If you or your business trade outside the UK, or you are contemplating trading overseas, then it’s worth mentioning he is multilingual with a European financial management service background.

He provides finance modeling, full business plans, financial support and identifies Investments.  As a finance director, Matteo is skilled in financial management, helping with large-scale changes such as mergers and acquisitions, business transformation, reconstruction, and IPOs.

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