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Raffaella Grassi & Paula Brennan
Sales & Marketing

FAST was meant to develop an automated joining system based on laser and microwave technologies.
Therefore, FAST will provide:

  • Flexible joining tools based on laser structuring and joining, and microwave curing
  • In-process inspection
  • Automation with an easy-to-use robot
  • Low equipment costs
  • Easy, innovative disassembly methods
  • Advanced corrosion protection of joints with high-cost materials for prolonged lifetime
  • Training center for end-user SMEs, for high acceptance and fast decision making

The development will be integrated into the process chain and validated at TRL6 in 2 transport sectors (automotive and space) via 3 case studies that each present different material combinations and additional requirements (thermal conductivity, lightweight, corrosion protection).

The innovations will have a significant impact on the European manufacturing industry, decreasing the production time by 20 – 85 % through automation and accelerated curing, and reducing production costs by 20 – 38 % at higher quality by the use of in-process inspection and energy-efficient processes with lower off-spec rates and lower production times.
Additionally, the technology will increase resource efficiency by 10 – 70 % through the use of new materials, redesign of the products, energy savings in production, corrosion protection for a prolonged lifetime, and the development of easy-to-disassemble joints, enabling recycling and reuse.
FAST spans the entire process chain for joining, with an exceptionally strong industrial participation (7 of 9 partners) to ensure the successful exploitation of the results.


In FAST, the role of Origami Engineering is to support the partners in the exploitation, and assist with the LCC.
Origami Engineering is suited to this role because of its consistent experience in the marketing side of the industrial business development.

The consortium has been made by a significant ensemble of SME, LE and RTO.
Under the coordination of the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT, there were German, Spanish, French, Slovenian, Dutch, Italian, and British partners.

Origami has been selected for our competencies within the three segments that FAST was covering: Automotive, Joining technologies, space industry, but also IEG, robotics, multi-materials handling, electronic, marine, green energy, and medical devices.
Thanks to the Origami network we have been able to guarantee the plan to get market coverage in every single segment, together with the adequate dissemination using digital and conventional marketing strategies.

They got

Origami has produced completely developed exploitation and dissemination business plans, working on the three main segments that the coordinator has chosen to select.
The habit to work in the international environment has also allowed harmonizing the expectations of all the partners, coming from a bunch of different EU countries.
Finally, a complex business model has been structured for a very much complex plan, that the EU commission evaluated in 2017.

They say

“Fraunhofer ICT and Origami Engineering worked 2017 together on a proposal FAST – Fast, flexible and cost-efficient joining by laser and microwave technologies for the H2020-IND-CE-FoF 07-2017 topic regarding the Integration of unconventional technologies for multi-material processing into manufacturing systems. Fraunhofer ICT was coordinating the proposal as being an expert for both technologies microwaves and light-weight multi-materials and their processing.
Origami Engineering was leading the exploitation and dissemination approach of the proposal. The collaboration was smooth and easy and we were able to set up a comprehensive outreach strategy along the whole development duration planned.” – Dr.-Ing. Matthias Graf, R&D at ICT Fraunhofer

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