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The Need

Eurotubi, established in the late 1980s, has emerged as a benchmark in the polyethylene pipe industry. As a subsidiary of the Idrotherm group for several years, it has offered a wide range of products catering to various sectors like aqueducts, fire prevention networks, gas pipelines, district heating and cooling, sewage systems, irrigation, and geothermal applications.

The company’s competitive edge lies in its commitment to quality and service, stemming from continuous investments in research and development. Moreover, its ability to create specialized products for unique applications has cemented its international presence, adhering to national, international, and numerous European standards. However, to sustain and enhance its market position, Eurotubi expressed a desire to restructure for maximal efficiency, evolve operationally, and facilitate technological progress to foster future collaborations.

Despite its strengths, Eurotubi faced a critical gap: maintaining its current size and operational methods risked stagnation and limited its ability to diversify its product offerings. 
This conservative approach potentially jeopardized its long-term market position, making it vulnerable to competitors’ technological advance-ments and fluctuating prices. 
Additionally, increasing environmental regulations threatened product relevancy.
To overcome these challenges and capitalize on market opportunities, Eurotubi needed to address its inherent resistance to change and proactively adapt to the evolving market landscape.


The strategic interventions led to a revitalized organizational structure, optimized to achieve strategic goals with precise identification of processes and defined characteristics.

The production department was reviewed within the broader organization, maintaining a consistent flow of opportunities and orders, surpassing the previous production occupancy rates. This is where the company had a change in their internal development policy and had to suspend their plan. One of our winning points is to enter and exit when the customers need so.

For them we had also a ready plan to improve the sales department, operating in line with the company’s principles and values. and enhanced market visibility was intended to be achieved through a revamped website, and marketing activity improved and targeted call-to-actions for lead generation.

Origami Engineering devised a comprehensive 20-month plan to revamp Eurotubi’s organization, focusing on internal restructuring, stabilizing the production sector, activating the sales department, and enhancing market visibility.

This involved valuing human resources to form a unified team, harmonizing departmental operations without disrupting the current organizational structure. The production sector was fine-tuned to meet market demands efficiently, utilizing existing methods and standards.


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