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Improving production, new products, new systems, even new plants require a big effort, you can easily obliterate by outsourcing all you need from Origami Engineering. We consistently aim to leverage best practice and deliver efficiencies and cost effectiveness for all our clients.

The nerve centers of a company are identified in the distribution chain and in the purchasing chain. The supply of the materials necessary for its processing is strategic for any company, and building a network of suppliers suited to the needs, while keeping costs under control, is not an easy task.

Performance in a good supply chain transfers to a good balance in costs performance and break-even. The organization of networks and the differentiation of suppliers create a global indipendence from critical points, like natural disaster and conflicts.

Origami supports its customers and helps them build a virtuous network for their purchases, educating them on how to keep costs under control and make the Supply Chain dynamic.

In addition, Origami takes care of detecting the key points of both incoming and outgoing logistics and preparing logistical flow plans appropriate to the turnover of the warehouses, the market trend and the customer’s cash flows.

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