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The Toolkit for the strategic planning of your market

Origami provides assistance to businesses within specific sectors, aiding them in crafting strategic plans for entering or strengthening their presence in a new market. This comprehensive approach takes into account all relevant factors of the situation.

An effective Market Strategic Plan tailored for a new market streamlines a company’s assimilation into an unfamiliar territory, safeguarding its continuity and fostering sales growth. Embark on your market expansion journey today with Origami.

We are committed to offering insights into the market landscape, empowering you to pursue success with certainty.

Plan the strategies for your target market

The MARKET SPRINT effectively addresses some specific issues:

  • Lack of knowledge about the market’s dynamics, customer behavior, and cultural nuances
  • Knowledge of established competitors and their offer
  • Unfamiliar regulations, compliance requirements, and legal frameworks
  • Difficult developing efficient distribution networks and partnerships
  • Limited brand awareness and trust in a new market

Benefits for you

What are the benefits of our service for you?

Spreading business risk across multiple regions
Access to a new customer base can lead to increased sales and revenue
Innovation potential

Price starting from

£ 2.850
  • The price of the service depends on the type of company involved, contact us to learn more about your project.

What does the service include?

How do we implement the MARKET SPRINT effectively for your company?
By the elaboration of a detailed strategy to enter or consolidate in a new market, taking into account all the relevant elements of the context:

  • regulatory requirements
  • identification of potential local partners
  • skills necessary for the specific market
  • recommended marketing/events to attend/organize
  • assessment of competitors in the market

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