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TO LEAD AND Strengthen

The Toolkit that strengthens your leadership in the company

Origami presents a Toolkit designed to enhance leadership capabilities, offering comprehensive support to businesses aiming to bolster leadership effectiveness across all tiers, ranging from senior executives to novice project or production managers.

At the core of the LEADERSHIP SPRINT lies a workshop led by Lt. Gen. (ret.) Maurizio Boni. Drawing from his extensive military background, he aims to convey the valuable lessons learned within a highly structured context to the realm of corporate enterprises in a tailored manner.

The workshop’s structure is tailored to align with the specific context it addresses – encompassing the unique characteristics of the target company and its management hierarchy. In preparation for the program’s commencement, an in-depth analysis of the prospective organization is conducted to ensure alignment.

Learn to value your people

The LEADERSHIP SPRINT addresses and solves some specific issues:

  • People Management
  • Difficulties in transferring instructions and assigning work
  • Lack of motivation in the team
  • High turnover

Benefits for you

What are the benefits of our service for you?

Cultivate tangible abilities in leadership and managerial expertise
Acquire the skills needed to establish effective working connections enabling the successful attainment of goals
Enhance efficiency and effectively unlock the potential of resources
Reduction of turnover
Greater commitment
Conflict Management and Reduction

LEADERSHIP SPRINT Price starting from

£ 3.150
  • The final price depends on the company's conditions and type. Contact us to learn more.

What does the Toolkit include?

How do we effectively implement the LEADERSHIP SPRINT for your company?

  • Analysis of the company organization
  • Workshop conducted by Lt. Gen. Maurizio Boni
  • Comparison between theoretical situations and actual company environment

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