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The Need

If you work in Italy, either with a tiny start-up or a big corporation, most likely you are working with a family company.
Frosio is an engineering company with nearly five decades of family history, Their CEO had in mind to bring the company to the next level, to see it
grow towards the third-millennium challenges.
Hydropower is one of the most consolidated and used forms of renewable energy. The growing
importance of sustainability all over the world was making the need of winning that challenge a must.


There were several activities to be made to convey the company towards a new organizational standard while strengthening their image at the same time.

The Company needed a complete review of the organization, a structured approach to the several activities, an organized communication together with a professional marketing approach and improved management and leadership.


Origami has worked here – together with one of our strategic partners, OTO Agency –
on different levels, bringing in a number of skills to improve the image, the organization and the communication of the company as a whole.
A strategic plan lasting more than one year has been made and run with this client.

The work with Freds4building has been deep enough to allow exploring all the aspects of a starting business. The founders were receiving continuous insight along with the construction of their business plan.

The Business Plan was drafted to the most complete extent, to cover any possible question from the University committee evaluating the spin-off project. It was then drafted in form of a pitch, both as a presentation pitch and a short video since Freds4building was shortly after starting a fund-raising campaign

Frosio Next

The organization has been structured in order to be able to face and win the challenge of growth as expected from the marketing campaign that also been studied by Origami with our partners OTO Agency.
All the organization has been restructured in teams. and activities have been made to introduce the use of OKRs, with satisfactory results after one year.
All the activity has brought to such significant changes that they even changed their name from Studio Frosio, a typical family company name, to Frosio Next, going towards becoming a
corporation, to correspond to their nature.
We had to put in place a complex marketing strategy, in order to define the corporate image, to make it stronger and recognized by the market.
We have then supported the rebranding necessity they had when they have acquired part of another company in the same industry.

They say

Origami helped me in the successful transition from a family company to a well defined and structured organization.
The tight collaboration and interaction between Origami team and all the members of our team led to remarkable and immediate achievements in terms of clear definition of company roles, personal objectives of each component of the team and improvement of relationships between people. – Ing. Luigi Lorenzo Papetti, CEO

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