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Raffaella Grassi & Paula Brennan
Sales & Marketing

The Need

FREDS is a service platform that provides a fast and simple way to perform building energy simulations and assist with the selection of appropriate building components and systems during the early design stages. FREDS offers a complete and accurate evaluation of the energy and comfort performance of a building design considering the climate, the use, the geometry, and the construction of the building itself. To set up the start-up as a spin-off of the University where the inventors work, a complete Business Plan was needed.


The spin-off itself needed to get professionals to draft the Business Plan they needed, to allow the University to have a completely neutral evaluation of the project.
Moreover, all the abilities and information had to be gathered in a complete and very detailed manner,
and the professional aid from Origami allowed Freds4Building to cover all the aspects without problems


To use all the planning abilities within Origami Engineering, to make a Business Plan suitable to be the valuation meter of the University as well as a good kanban for the managers of the spin-off.

The work with Freds4building has been deep enough to allow exploring all the aspects of a starting business. The founders were receiving continuous insight along with the construction of their business plan.

The Business Plan was drafted to the most complete extent, to cover any possible question from the University committee evaluating the spin-off project. It was then drafted in form of a pitch, both as a presentation pitch and a short video since Freds4building was shortly after starting a fund-raising campaign



The first step has been the complete review of the original ideas and evaluations of the inventors, to verify the feasibility in terms of financing, market, and sales, and to explore all the possible aspects of the business.

All the data have been recollected into a shaped Business Plan, developed for the University Committee and for the real planning of the Spin-off at the same time.

The Business Plan has been then drafted also as a Pitch for investors since the newCo directors thought possible a near coming round of investors scouting.

They say

Origami Engineering has been a great partner for our new university start-up company, supporting us with a complete, accurate, clearly formatted, professional business plan.
They have been very supportive in considering the different company scenarios, analysing the data from the market and understanding the potential business area.

Origami has been fast, always on time with the deliveries and offering a great service for a fair price. We are very convinced to ask them again for their support whenever we will need an analysis in the future. – Prof. Marco Marengo, University of Brighton

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